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Select 4130LN is a basic flux cored electrode designed to closely match the properties of certain low alloy, quench and tempered steels following post weld heat treatment. It is not recommended for as-welded applications. The basic slag system assures low weld metal hydrogen in the weld area, which is critical in preventing cracking in sensitive steels such as 4130.

APPLICATIONS: Select 4130LN is designed to weld 4130 as well as other steels of similar composition, such as 4140 and 8630. The deposit contains less than 1% nickel which makes Select 4130LN an ideal electrode for most oil field applications.

DIAMETERS: .045", 1/16"

SHIELDING GASES: 75% Ar/25% CO2, 40-50 cfh

WELDING POSITIONS: Flat and Horizontal


  • Contains less than 1% nickel in weld deposit.
  • Prevents cracking in sensitive steels.
  • Provides welding properties which closely match steel after postweld heat treatment.
  • The arc transfer is globular.
Typical Mechanical Properties (75% Ar/25% CO2)
Stress Relieve
1200°F, 2Hrs
Austenitize 1625°F,
Water Quench,
Temper 1100° F, 1 Hr
Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi) 116,000 125,000
Yield Strength (psi) 99,000 107,000
% Elongation 21 18
% Reduction of Area 55 58

Typical Deposit Composition
Wt% C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Mo
75Ar/25CO2 .20 1.18 .008 .013 .70 .80 .64 .21

  Optimum Range
Diam. Amps Volts WFS Amps Volts
1/16" 300 29 320 250-450 27-33
.045" 250 28 380 120-320 22-31