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CLASSIFICATION: Conforms to ECNiFeMn-CI per AWS A5.15

SelectAlloy 2216-C is a metal cored electrode designed for welding high strength cast irons. This wire is preferred for use with high strength nodular or spheroidal graphite cast irons, although it can generally be used with all other cast irons, and dissimilar joints between cast irons to steels.

APPLICATIONS: SelectAlloy 2216-C is an exceptional choice for welding automotive exhaust systems, catalytic converters and other critical areas that demand high strength at relatively higher temperatures with ease of fabrication. It is also well suited for joining cast irons to alloy and carbon steels.


SHIELDING GASES: 98% Ar/ 2% O2, 40-55 cfh

WELDING POSITIONS: Flat and Horizontal


  • 41% nickel containing alloy with added stabilizers.
  • Provides uniformly smooth bead with low spatter.
  • Features good penetration and nice wash.
  • Extremely tough and ductile wire for cast iron welding.
  98%Ar/2% O2
Ultimate Tensile Strength (psi) 94,800
Yield Strength (psi) 67,800
Percent Elongation 15

Wt% C Mn Ni Bal
98Ar/2O2 .36 11.84 41.04 Fe